"High School Boys and Movie" is the one hundredth chapter of the Daily Lives of High School Boys manga.


At the very first sight, it seems that Hidenori and Yassan are having a date at cinema, sitting on the same row and watching the film together. But somehow when Hidenori sees that Yassan is just sitting next to him, enjoying her snack with crispy sounds, he is shocked and realizes that he is in a risky state. He calms himself by planning to sneak out from the cinema without her acknowledgement slowly and silently.

Unfortunately for him, the sneaking plan does not work well when Yassan finds out and manages to track down Hidenori's track and chase him. How would Hidenori avoid such awkward yet fearsome conflict from Yassan, again?



  • This chapter is marked as the one hundredth chapter celebration, as the manga author Yasunobu Yamauchi decided to make a feature for the most well received story between Hidenori and Yassan.