“High School Boys and the Worst” is the 101st chapter of the manga.

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A still of Yassan.

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Yoshitake and his older sister are seated on a couch and watching television. After a brief silence, he turns to her and tells her she really is ‘the worst’. She is confused by this label and asks him for his reasons. He responds that it was the only conclusion he could draw from her recent behavior.

He says that she is the sort of the person who would kill and feast upon a harmless crustacean. She tries to defend herself by telling him it’s the normal thing to do. He then accuses her of being the type to bully his girlfriend, were he to get one. The sister strongly denies this and asks him what he took her for.

Yoshitake explains that she’d find it okay to be condescending towards her “stupid brother’s girlfriend”. She understands his reasoning but denies the accusation again. She goes on to say that he wouldn’t be able to get a girlfriend anyway, which seems to put him off.

Next, he says that she is the sort who bullies juniors at her school, and she replies that she doesn’t. He follows up by saying that she feels envious of people younger than her. Alarmed, she demands to know when she had done anything indicating that. Ignoring her, Yoshitake pushes on, telling her she only looks out for herself, while asking her how she became that way.

His sister cannot comprehend the accusations now. Stony-eyed, he then says he saw her at the park a couple of days earlier, picking up and disposing scattered garbage on her own. Becoming a little self-conscious, she admits it and is stunned when he asks her not to repeat it. Yelling, Yoshitake says she isn’t supposed to be that kind of person and should be more unpleasant. She yells back, unable to follow what he’s saying.

He tells her that being around the worst person gives him a sense of security that there is someone worse than him. His sister stares at him uneasily. Starting, he asks her if that desire made him the worst person, and she responds that it was obviously so.


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