“High School Boys and Deep Sleep” is the 102nd chapter of the manga.

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A still of Yoshitake’s older sister.

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In the Student Council Room at Sanada North High, Ringo is dozing lightly with her head propped up by her hand. Motoharu, Karasawa and the Vice President, who are working in silence, are startled when her hand suddenly gives way and her head crashes on to the table. However, she continues sleeping as if nothing had happened.

The boys stand and stare at her in silence. Motoharu then picks up an eraser and balances it on Ringo’s head. Her total lack of reaction makes them giggle. The VP opens up a box of snacks and places one near her mouth. After a few moments, she stirs and starts eating the snack in her sleep. Motoharu and Karasawa can barely contain their laughter.

Deciding to test it further, Karasawa puts a straw in a juice carton and places it close to her open mouth. Sure enough, the somnambulist takes a sip, and Motoharu and the VP almost lose it. Motoharu then uses a mayonnaise bottle to paint her a mustache, and she licks it off, much to the others’ amusement.

He then disappears under the table she is sleeping at and reappears after a while. The VP smacks him on the head upon realising he was looking up her skirt. Karasawa then places a book on her head. Seeing no reaction, the VP and Motoharu continue stacking books to make a tower.

After a while, no less than 18 books constitute the tower, and Ringo continues to sleep blissfully. The boys stare at her in silence. Agitated, Motoharu yells at her to wake up, while the others stare uneasily.


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