"High School Boys and Mask" is the one hundredth and six chapter of the Daily Lives of High School Boys manga.


The scene returns to its very first chapter, whereby Tadakuni, Hidenori and Yoshitake are staying in Tadakuni's room doing their own stuffs. When Tadakuni questions Hidenori regarding the girlfriend topic, Hidenori just responds him that he had non in the end. By the time Yoshitake is planning to write a cursed letter for Mitsuo and trying to get idea from the rests, there is a question that bothers Hidenori for many years - the real identity behind the Rubber Shooter. Awkwardly and surprisingly, the one who saved Hidenori from being bullied during childhood was not Yoshitake?! And at least five people had role play as the legendary hero?? Was it Tadakuni? Or Mitsuo??



  • This chapter is marked as the last chapter of the manga series.