“High School Boys and the Mask” is the last main chapter of the manga. In the order of presentation, it is the 106th chapter.

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End scene of Chapter 105. Hidenori and Yassan stare at a nervous Yanagin as she nears the top of the bank.

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The main trio are at Tadakuni’s house, lounging around. Bringing up an age-old problem, Tadakuni remarks that it seemed like none of them could get a girlfriend, no matter what they did. Hidenori is more interested in his book and Yoshitake tells him they could kill boredom by sending Mitsuo some cursed letters. He adds that the three of them could come up with some wicked ideas. Hidenori brushes it aside and tells Yoshitake there’s something important he needs to ask him.

He asks Yoshitake whether they had ever met before getting to know each other. Yoshitake says he doesn’t remember. Hidenori tells him that he had been saved from bullies by a masked kid back when he was in junior school, adding that he somehow reminded him of that saviour. Yoshitake is silent but Tadakuni recognizes the mention of the mask and remarks that it was nostalgic.

Yoshitake seems to remember as well, causing Hidenori a good deal of confusion. He tells Hidenori that he knew Tadakuni from junior school, even before he met Hidenori in middle school. He adds that they used to take turns wearing a mask and acting as heroes, going around vanquishing so-called villains.

Hidenori is stunned by this revelation. Nervously, he tries to digest the fact that it might have been Tadakuni who saved him. He is then further surprised when Tadakuni asks Yoshitake who the third member was. Yoshitake answers that it was the bicycle shop owner’s son, and they recollect that he was rather weak, having been beaten badly by the ‘Silver Devil’.

Agitated, Hidenori asks them if they really remembered nothing regarding him. The others respond that they didn’t and that he was just one of the many kids they saved. Aghast and in disbelief, he wonders how it could be that the person he looked up to so much was one of these ‘jokers’.

Yoshitake remarks that the fourth or fifth member of their ‘group of heroes’ was actually Mitsuo. Hidenori, distraught, yells at him to stop talking about it.


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  • This chapter is marked as the last chapter (最終話) of the manga series.