“High School Boys and the Beach House” is the 12th chapter of the manga.

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A still of Yoshitake.

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The boys from the previous chapter are at the beach, where an irritated Tadakuni finds himself to be the only one wearing the school trunks. The others criticize him for abiding by the school rules too much, before running off with the intention of picking up girls. Hidenori is seen checking out the menu at an eatery nearby.

Yoshitake is seen trying to hit on various girls, but fails each time. He then complains to the others that he doesn’t seem to be having any luck and wonders why that might be. Suddenly, Hidenori (now holding a drink he purchased) spies a pair of girls walking, with one of them holding a plate of noodles. He stares at them for a while, then has an intense reaction that forces his drink through his nose, startling the others. When they ask him what’s wrong, he says it’s nothing.

Ch12 1

Hidenori's reaction

They persist that he tell them. Upon being assured that they wouldn’t get angry, he looks straight at them and says that the girls were only into men-kui (a Japanese pun meaning both eating noodles and liking handsome faces). An annoyed Motoharu slaps him hard, drawing blood.


In order of appearance:


  • Karasawa is seen at the beginning of the chapter, but is not present when the boys air their worries. Presumably, he succeeded in picking up a girl.
  • The unnamed student from Chapter 11 is not present.
  • An unfamiliar figure is present in the boys' group. He appears in the penultimate panel of the first page, among those who are running.