“High School Boys and the School Festival 3” is the 21st chapter of the manga.

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End scene of Chapter 20. The boys taking part in the haunted house are seen sharing a laugh.

Detailed SummaryEdit

Yoshitake and Ikushima are handling reception at the school festival. They seem to be bored and unsure how long they are supposed to continue, with Yoshitake thinking that reception is usually handled by the Student Council. Moments later, they notice a girl in a maid outfit running along. Yoshitake makes a comment about the dress, to which Ikushima remarks that anyone could pull off that outfit. She goes on to say that girls have no issue with it, and that only boys would be embarrassed as they would be too proud and contextually unaware.

This pretentious characterization of boys puts Yoshitake off, but he keeps silent. An acquaintance of Ikushima then comes by, and they exchange loud and cheerful greetings. Yoshitake stays quiet, causing Ikushima to give him a clout on the head to get him to greet the girl, and he does so. After the girl leaves, she apologizes and he starts to make a remark, but is cut off by her saying that boys didn’t know how to deal with such situations.

She continues to criticize boys even more, which Yoshitake finds unable to bear. After she quiets down, he excuses himself and places a phone call. He asks the person on the line if they can switch jobs for a while.

Ten minutes later, the Vice President is shown to have taken Yoshitake’s place. His serious presence unnerves Ikushima, and she is shown trembling. When the VP asks her if anything is the matter, she apologizes profusely and says she was being conceited, but he becomes confused.


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  • In the full-page spread of Volume 2, the acquaintance who meets Ikushima in this chapter is revealed to be the Literary Girl.