“High School Boys and Seniority” is the 24th chapter of the manga.

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End scene of Chapter 23. Confirming Tadakuni’s suspicions, Hidenori and Yoshitake are shown to be talking dirty.

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Motoharu is walking home from school, when he is spotted by his sister who calls out to him. She asks him what she wants for dinner that night, and he answers ‘hot pot’, a choice she approves of. He notices that four other girls are nearby, who wonder out loud if he’s Mino’s brother and say there’s a resemblance. His sister introduces them as her friends and he greets them, introducing himself.

The girls walk up to him and greet him in return, when Motoharu realises in alarm that he’s surrounded. Being someone’s little brother who can’t complain, he worries that he’ll be toyed with. He doesn’t want to be asked to do silly things, since ‘a man values his pride more than his life’ according to him. One of the girls asks him why he’s growing a beard.

Motoharu falters, then realises he’s got to show some confidence and attempts to shrug off the question nonchalantly. However, his sister whacks him in the back, telling him to respect his elders. He sees that a hierarchy’s in place with her around, while the girls think they get along well. They mock him further, first asking him to shave off his beard then comparing him to a comedian known for uttering the phrase ‘Bobi-n!’.

He is asked to utter the same phrase for them, and forced into it when he shows reluctance. The girls keel over laughing while he flushes in embarrassment. As he mulls over resistance before abandoning the idea due to being outnumbered, the girls now begin targeting his hairstyle. Pulling out hair-bands, they fashion twin-tails for him and laugh at him again.

Humiliated yet helpless, Motoharu is relieved when his sister tells everyone they should get going. He tries to leave ahead of them, but is asked to come along by his sister. Aghast, he asks why, and she answers that the hot-pot ingredients need to be bought since all the girls are staying over at their place that night.

Motoharu stares bleakly on as a cracking sound is heard. This is described as ‘the sound of a breaking heart’.


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