“High School Boys and Consultations” is the 25th chapter of the manga.

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End scene of Chapter 24. Motoharu is pinned back by two of his sister’s friends while a third one takes a razor to his chin.

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Tadakuni is going home from his part-time job after bidding Yasunori farewell. Walking with Nago , he tells her he wants to ask her something, then points out she’s still wearing her headscarf from work, embarrassing her. He then says that wasn’t his question and tells her his friends have been ignoring him. Nago asks him if he thinks it’s his fault or theirs and he replies the latter, although unconvincingly.

She then asks him if he wants her to scold them, but the idea embarrasses him. She points out that there lies his problem; he shouldn’t be self-conscious if to get along with his friends. As he digests this, she further adds that he shouldn’t wait to be invited either, understanding at the same time his desire to act aloof.

Later, after some more conversation, Tadakuni tells Nago he understands. He then spies two familiar figures walking on the road beneath them. Nago asks him if they are his friends and, met with his silence, tells him to get going. He is unsure of what to do or say, but Nago chides him for acting like a girl and reminds him he’s not fighting with them.

Tadakuni runs down and calls out to the two guys. They pause before looking back. However, they turn out to be the strangers from Chapter 23. Extremely annoyed this time, Tadakuni once again asks them who they are.


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  • It is revealed that Tadakuni works part-time twice a week.
  • This is Yasunori's final appearance in the series.