“High School Boys and Old Friends” is the 27th chapter of the manga.

Cover PageEdit

End scene of Chapter 26. The Savior sits on a rail with an ashen expression. Ringo stares at him from a distance while eating a bun.

Detailed SummaryEdit

Hidenori and Yoshitake are called out to while walking down a street. They see a bespectacled high school boy with a girl who’s holding his arm. When asked if they remember him, they recognize him as Kiyotaka from their middle school. He says he’s at Central High now and that it’s really strict there. The boys say that North High is strict as well.

Just then, they notice the girl next to Kiyotaka shooting them an angry glare, which unnerves them. As if reading each other’s minds, they wonder if they’re interrupting her alone time with her boyfriend and decide to take a hike. However, as they bid farewell, Kiyotaka invites them into a nearby restaurant to eat. Frustrated at his inability to take a hint, the boys go in.

Inside, the girl continues glaring at them, making them even more uncomfortable. Kiyotaka makes small talk about Kugihiko and frustrates the boys with his carefree laughter. He then brings up an incident in which he got into trouble at a mixer and they are positively alarmed that he chose to do so with his girlfriend next to him. Hidenori, unable to take it, stands up and points out to him that his girlfriend is right there.

Kiyotaka says the girl is his sister who he was taking home and the boys fall on to the table. He adds that she lost her contacts and needed to squint hard to see anything, at which she blushes and apologizes to the boys, who have fallen on the table again. He laughs at her predicament, but Hidenori and Yoshitake flare up at him, asking him what was so funny and saying he should have told them earlier.


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  • In the first panel, Tadakuni and Nago (from Chapter 25) as well as Ringo and the Student Council members (from Chapter 26) are seen in the background.
  • Kugihiko is mentioned for the last time in the series.