“High School Boys and Older Brothers” is the 40th chapter of the manga.

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End scene of Chapter 39. Evidently as a continuation of the talent show, Hidenori and Yoshitake make milk come out of their noses.

Detailed SummaryEdit

Tadakuni’s younger sister and Yoshitake’s older sister are at a café along with a bespectacled boy, who is revealed to be Hidenori’s older brother . He nervously asks them what they wanted to talk about. Yoshitake’s sister responds that it was something regarding their brothers. Addressing him as Yūsuke, she adds that the boys needed to act their age. She reminds him that he used to be their ringleader and they might listen to him.

Yu-suke concedes this and Yoshitake’s sister, referring to a girl who accompanied him to the café, asks him if she is his girlfriend. He replies that she is. Yoshitake’s sister immediately confesses her feelings loudly to Yūsuke, startling him, while Tadakuni’s sister notices that the girl doesn’t move at all. Yu-suke admits he was lying and that the girl was just a senior at his club. He is accused of showing off, but he deflects and tells them to get back on track.

Continuing about the boys, Yoshitake’s sister points to Tadakuni's sister and tells Yūsuke they stole Mei’s panties. She adds that they did something horrible on Christmas Eve. He asks if that was the time she ended up alone on the street and tells her he’s never seen her cry before that. He stops himself upon seeing her frosty reaction, but she gets up and approaches him, sure of the fact that someone sent him a snapshot of the incident.

Tadakuni’s sister puts Yūsuke into a headlock. As he struggles to move, Yoshitake’s sister reaches for his pocket to get his cell phone. She ends up pulling out a pair of panties instead and expresses confusion. Tadakuni’s sister identifies it as her own underwear and twists her arm further in anger, crushing Yūsuke’s spectacles.


In order of appearance:


  • Hidenori's older brother Yūsuke is introduced.
  • It is revealed that before he set off for college, Yūsuke used to take part in schemes with the main trio.
  • Tadakuni's younger sister's name is revealed to be Mei.