“High School Boys and Career Paths” is the 42nd chapter of the manga.

Cover PageEdit

End scene of Chapter 41. The Literary Girl continues to lie on the riverbank. Hidenori has left his jacket behind as a cover for her.

Detailed SummaryEdit

The homeroom teacher has distributed career path surveys to the students, which she asks them to return. While collecting and stacking them, she pauses. She asks the students if they’ve taken the forms seriously, and the room is completely silent, with no response from them. Fearing the worst, she resolves to go through the forms right there.

The first response she sees under the ‘Plans after Graduation’ section is “Middle school student”. Exasperated, she tells them this is exactly what she feared and begs them to take it seriously. The next form has “Ghost” written on it and she wishes death upon the responder. The third says “Sports Adventurer”, confusing her as to whether it was sports-related or adventure-related.

The teacher is creeped out by the fourth form, which says “Teacher’s hubbie”, and she exclaims in disgust. The fifth says “I don’t want to become a lawyer”, infuriating her even more. She punches the desk in frustration. Slowly, she picks out the next form.

This one says “Go to a university”. The teacher, now unable to deal with even semi-serious responses, topples her desk in rage.


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  • This is the first chapter to feature no main or secondary student characters.