“High School Boys and the Handicrafts Club” is the 80th chapter of the manga.

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A still of the Computer Club member.

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The club seeker knocks on the door of the Handicrafts Club room and enters to find Tadakuni and Hidenori inside. Hidenori, wearing his glasses on his forehead, asks the seeker for his résumé. He inspects it closely, then puts on a second pair of glasses before reading it, which shocks Tadakuni. Hidenori asks the seeker why he wants to join, to which the seeker replies that it looked like fun.
Ch80 1

Hidenori asks the seeker for his credentials

He then asks him how many days a week he could come, surprising the seeker who protests that it isn’t a part-time job. Tadakuni chimes in, telling Hidenori there’s no need for an interview. Hidenori says the details are already specified "on the satellite", but the others have no idea what he’s talking about. The seeker further asks Hidenori why he is in his winter uniform, but Hidenori ignores both him and an aggrieved Tadakuni and asks him again how often he could come.

He changes track and tells the seeker to stop doing pointless things. The seeker is startled when he goes on to accuse him of not really wanting to be in their club. Hidenori says he could see the truth in his eyes and that he was still attached to ‘that other club’.

Suddenly, the ex-Chemistry Club President bursts in through the door, thinking they’re referring to his club. The ex-Film Research Society President jumps in through the window, convinced they’re talking about his club. The Computer Club member, sure that they’re referring to his club, also attempts to join the scene but finds that the cupboard he was hiding in has been locked from the outside.
Ch80 2

The computer club member finds himself locked in

The seeker thanks all of them for helping him decide once and for all. Vowing not to be deterred by his previous injuries, he confidently says he will start anew… and play soccer. He marches out of the room, leaving the CCP and co. feeling let down.


In order of appearance:


  • Hidenori is revealed to be the president of the Handicrafts Club.
  • Tadakuni is revealed to be a member of the Handicrafts Club.
  • Hidenori uses multiple pairs of glasses, probably as a gimmick to annoy Tadakuni.