“High School Boys and Ideals” is the 87th chapter of the manga.

Cover PageEdit

End scene of Chapter 86. Mitsuo discards the half-eaten frankfurter and Hidenori is shown to be stunned.

Detailed SummaryEdit

Hidenori and Yoshitake are sitting side-by-side on some stairs. Hidenori asks Yoshitake if he agreed that it was cute when a girl was a messy eater. Yoshitake says he doesn’t understand. Hidenori explains that the girl tries her best to eat carefully, but still ends up spilling food, which makes more sense to Yoshitake. He says in turn that he likes women who can drink large amounts of liquor without a problem.

Hidenori digests this and it is his turn to express confusion. Yoshitake adds that it’s a trope in fiction but it would be cool to meet someone like it in real life, to which Hidenori agrees. Hidenori then guesses that if that were true, Yoshitake would also like a girl who went into an eel restaurant and ate the entire dish on her own.

Yoshitake mulls this over, but doesn’t see the connection. Hidenori says it evokes the contrast of being refined yet wild, but Yoshitake isn’t buying it. He adds that he would like a girl wearing a cast due to a broken arm. Hidenori initially shows no reaction, but quickly becomes bewildered. He asks Yoshitake why, to which Yoshitake responds that it would make her look athletic. He adds that this may be due to him never having broken a bone and Hidenori accepts it.

He then asks Yoshitake what he thinks about getting lectured by a girl. Yoshitake dismisses it as being fanciful and appears to agree with him that it barely happened in real life. He asks Hidenori in turn what he thought of girls who played Western games. Hidenori says he’s had enough and that they seemed to be on different wavelengths anyway.

He then adds that no such girls existed and gets to his feet. Yoshitake responds that if there turned out to be one, he’d go for her. Hidenori says he’d get there first. Just as the boys prepare to leave, a voice calls out to them. It is Yoshitake’s older sister, who has one arm in a sling and is using the other to eat a burger clumsily, with crumbs spilled all over her clothes.

As she walks over to them, the boys stare in horror at the physical manifestation of their ideals.


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