"High School Boys and Elevator" is the ninety second chapter of the Daily Lives of High School Boys manga.


Hidenori is using elevator to reach to higher level of the unknown building all alone by himself. Somehow in the midway, the elevator stops on certain level. Although it is expected that the other person may enter the same elevator with Hidenori, shockingly, the person who stopped the elevator is Yassan herself. Both are surprised to see the other, as Hideori watches her enter the elevator with his nerves on and having inner struggle. Oddly, Yassan doesn't act like herself just like their previous meetings, or more like she is trying to hold something firmly.

As the elevator stops at another level, Yassan quickly rushes out from the place without making interacting with Hidenori, leaving Hidenori all alone in the elevator again. Although it is a great sign of relief for Hidenori that Yassan is no more interested on him, at the same time he feels a period of loneliness. The actual story behind Yassan is.... she cannot hold her urination and rushes to the toilet, not much longer Yassan gets back to her hunting mode on Hidenori who followed her and watched the scene while dismayed to see she is the same.