“High School Boys and Studies” is the 96th chapter of the manga.

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End scene of Chapter 95.

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Classes are on at Sanada North High and Mitsuo finds himself struggling. He thinks to himself worriedly that he doesn’t understand the material at all and that it had progressed from bad to worse. He remembers that the tests were coming up soon and curses himself for not noticing earlier, realizing that he can’t go on like this. He is embarrassed at the thought of asking his friends for help, but resolves to do it anyway.

In the corridor with Hidenori and Yoshitake, he tells them his troubles. Hidenori confesses that they were in the same boat as well, much to Mitsuo’s surprise. Yoshitake adds that the difficulty level had really risen. Hidenori concludes that taking down notes and understanding the basics wouldn’t be enough and tells them they’ll have a study group with some other guys.

Later that evening, five boys gather at one of their houses to study. The session goes off as planned. The next day, Mitsuo is in class and thinks that they’ve prepared all they could. The mathematics teacher tells them class has begun. He opens the textbook he’s holding and is about to write on the chalkboard, but stops.

He then closes the book and looks at the cover. Nearly everyone in the class collapses as he announces he had been accidentally using the textbook from a year above.


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  • The other two members of the study group are Tadakuni and Motoharu.