“High School Boys and Reading” is the 99th chapter of the manga.

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End scene of Chapter 98. Tadakuni’s eyes widen as the already-broken TV slips from his hands and falls again.

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In Class 2-A, the homeroom teacher is taking class. Continuing from where they last left off, she tells Motoharu it’s his turn to read. He stands up and begins reading the text which is about an association football game. In his narration, one of the players asks another player when they could meet up. The second player responds "If that’s so, the person exists".

Hidenori, who is listening to Motoharu and not reading the text, becomes confused due to this incongruous statement. He wonders what it means and whether it was a mistake on Motoharu’s part. He notices that nobody else is pointing it out. In reality, everyone is just as confused as Hidenori and they are all wondering about the sentence Motoharu read out.

Failing to decipher it, Hidenori consults the text. He sees that it says “I’m available if it’s the weekend” and wonders how Motoharu ended up saying what he did. He ponders over the exact characters, and it dawns on him that Motoharu ended up reading the two characters 土日(with the second below the first, read as donichi) as 者(mono), which changed the entire sentence.

The rest of the class realises this almost simultaneously and they break into loud laughter at Motoharu. Distraught and perplexed, Motoharu looks around, unable to figure out what’s happening. Hidenori thinks that he might have gotten some dirt stuck on to his page, which caused the problem. The teacher, barely suppressing a grin, asks Motoharu to re-read the material.

Still confused, he agrees. He ends up making the same error and is again greeted by peals of laughter from his classmates. Agitated, he wonders why they are all laughing at him. To his displeasure, the teacher asks him to read it once more. Unable to take it, he curses them all and flees the classroom.

It is revealed that Motoharu skips school for the next three days.


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