Episode 01 of Daily Lives of High School Boys (男子高校生の日常, danshi-koukousei-no-nichijou)


It starts off with Tadakuni running out of his house, being late for school with a toast in his mouth. While running, he mutters to himself that he is so late and starts a monologue on how he lives a normal life attending a normal school in a normal town. Then Yoshitake runs from behind and calls out to him, with Tadakuni responding to him a "'Sup, Yoshitake?" only to be shocked at what his yellow-haired friend is eating. He asks him 'The hell are you eating?' and Yoshitake says that it is last night's leftover curry. Hidenori then somehow approaches from behind Tadakuni on his right side, claiming that when running late for school the person should eat bread, though he's holding a ramen bowl with one hand and slurping up the noodle strings using chopsticks with the other hand. Tadakuni then shouts at him with a bit of anger.

RPG Party

Asking if there was something wrong, Tadakuni was about to answer when suddenly a orange beam shot down from the sky onto the town. Three Mobile Suit Gundams suddenly jumped down from the sky and started shooting randomly, shocking the three. The Gundam in the middle notices the three highschol boys and shoots a beam at them, with the beam exploding right in front of them. Tadakuni, Hidenori and Yoshitake were sent back by the explosion and suddenly notices a book that landed in front of them, which exploded out of a box. Tadakuni picks up the book, with the three guessing it was the 'A Tale of Adventure' book, which turned out to be true. Suddenly, the three changed costumes and Hidenori (in the middle) became a warrior, Yoshitake (in the left) became a fencer, and Tadakuni (in the right) became a female' mage, with Hidenori claiming that they will be the opponents of the mobile suits.

Tadakuni, in normal clothes, then jumps into the screen, shouting a long 'No!' and the scene changes to the three boys sitting in Tadakuni's house, Hidenori reading a book and Yoshitake playing a DSi XL. The latter then agrees and asks 'Since when do you (Hidenori) get to be in the middle'. Tadakuni then counters, claiming that the question Yoshitake just asked was not the problem. Hidenori then breaks the fourth wall, telling both he heard that Square and Sunrise (both are media companies) were doing a collab to make an anime, which was about them. Tadakuni then responds that the anime that they are making is about everyday 'normal life', saying that things like mobile suits and adventure-like stuff does not come into the anime. Yoshitake then calls it boring, in which Tadakuni yells at them not to call it boring, followed by the opening theme of the anime.

Mini ArcsEdit

Highschool Boys and After SchoolEdit

Tadakuni asks a question to Hidenori and Yoshitake about "how do you get a girlfriend?" Hidenori replies by acting out a simulation with Yoshitake as the girl and he as a teacher.

Highschool Boys and SkirtsEdit

Hidenori and Yoshitake are at Tadakuni's house where Hidenori is about to leave where suddenly asks the question "what do they think of skirts." They all talk about it and eventually ends up wanting to try one on, Hidenori then asks Tadakuni if they could borrow one of his younger sister's skirts. To which he replies "no." Until he agrees sometime later. Tadakuni comes out as the only one who wore the skirt, much to his shock. All has failed until Tadakuni's sister arrives.

Highschool Boys and Ghost storiesEdit

The trio talk about their ghost stories and experiences. Hidenori starts, saying that he was once at an udon shop when a girl at the next table finished eating, and left... and on her bowl were three chopsticks. Yoshitake tells a story that is more "painful" than scary, about trying to shave off the hair on his chest, and instead shaving off a nipple. Tadakuni talks about the time when he saw an acquaintance throw up, and finding a live centipede in the vomit. Hearing this, Yoshitake and Hidenori get up and go to the bathroom to throw up as well, only to find Tadakuni's younger sister already vomiting (she was eavesdropping on them). As the three are throwing up, Tadakuni wonders how he's going to tell them that he fabricated the story.

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