Episode 1 of the Daily Lives of High School Boys anime.


Tadakuni runs out of his house, being late for school, with a toast in his mouth. While running, he starts a monologue on his normal life. His friend Yoshitake joins him in a few moments, eating the previous night's leftover curry, which shocks Tadakuni. By then their friend Hidenori catches up to them & admonishes Yoshitake, claiming that when running late for school, one should only eat bread - while himself eating ramen out of a bowl using chopsticks.Tadakuni is flabbergasted.

When asked if there was something wrong, Tadakuni is about to answer when suddenly an orange beam shoots down from the sky, followed by three Mobile Suit Gundams that jump down and start shooting randomly, startling the three. The Gundam in the middle notices the three high school boys and shoots a beam at them, which explodes right in front of them. Tadakuni, Hidenori and Yoshitake are sent back by the explosion and they notice a book that landed in front of them, which exploded out of a box. Tadakuni picks up the book, with the three correctly guessing it was the book, 'A Tale of Adventure'. Suddenly, the three change costumes: Hidenori (in the middle) becomes a warrior, Yoshitake (to his right) becomes a fencer, and Tadakuni (to Hidenori's left) becomes a female mage, with Hidenori claiming that they will be the opponents of the mobile suits.
RPG Party

Tadakuni, in normal clothes, then jumps into the screen with a loud 'No!' and the scene changes to the three boys sitting in Tadakuni's house, with Hidenori reading a book and Yoshitake playing a DSi XL. The latter agrees with Tadakuni and asks Hidenori since when he gets to be in the middle. Tadakuni counters, claiming that the question Yoshitake just asked was not the problem. Hidenori then tells them both that he heard that Square and Sunrise were doing a collaboration to make an anime, which was about them. Tadakuni then responds that the anime that they are making is about everyday 'normal life', saying that things like mobile suits and adventures does not come into it. Yoshitake then calls it boring, at which Tadakuni yells at them not to call it boring, followed by the opening theme of the anime.


High school Boys and After SchoolEdit

Tadakuni asks Hidenori and Yoshitake how to get a girlfriend. Hidenori launches into a simulation where Tadakuni meets a girl placing pamphlets on the desks after class, with Yoshitake acting as the girl. Hidenori & Yoshitake keep changing the storyline each time, confusing Tadakuni. Finally Tadakuni finds a solution and enacts it, with Hidenori encouraging him on. The simulation is a success with Hidenori congratulating him, until Tadakuni points out that they study at an all-boys school.

High school Boys and SkirtsEdit

Hidenori and Yoshitake are at Tadakuni's house where Hidenori is about to leave but suddenly asks Yoshitake what he thought of skirts. All three talk about it and eventually Hidenori ends up wanting to try one on. He then asks Tadakuni if they could borrow one of his younger sister's skirts. He refuses them at first, but is then coaxed into agreeing. All three go into separate areas to change into the skirts, but Tadakuni comes out as the only one who actually wore it, much to his shock. The other two tell him he looks good in it, and the three keep at it until Tadakuni's sister arrives on the scene.

High school Boys and Ghost StoriesEdit

The trio talk about their experiences and ghost stories. Hidenori starts, saying that he was once at an udon shop when a girl at the next table finished eating, and left... and on her bowl were three chopsticks. Yoshitake tells a story that is more "painful" than scary, about trying to shave off the hair on his chest, and shaving off a nipple instead. Tadakuni talks about the time he saw an acquaintance throw up, and found a live centipede in the vomit. Hearing this, Yoshitake and Hidenori get up and go to the bathroom to throw up as well, only to find Tadakuni's younger sister already vomiting (she was eavesdropping on them). As the three are throwing up and checking their vomit for centipedes, Tadakuni wonders how he's going to tell them that he fabricated the story.

High school Boys and Female Companions Edit

Hidenori comes to class and finds out from Yoshitake that Tadakuni hadn't reached school yet. Wondering what could have happened, he looks out the window and sees Tadakuni walking with a girl. As their classmates see this and wonder how he managed it, another student Motoharu (called a delinquent by the others) walks up to the window and sees the two. Analyzing aloud the way they were walking and their body language, he assures the others that the two aren't going out, but that could soon change. As Tadakuni & the girl approach the gate, the others gang up on them and Motoharu asks a confused Tadakuni who the girl is. At that moment, the girl thanks Tadakuni, and he gives her further instructions to get to the station, making it clear that he was just giving her directions.

High School Boy and Literary Girl Edit

The Literary Girl Yassan is walking home while reading a book, when she sees Hidenori lying on the river bank holding a book up and reading. Hidenori realizes that reading by the river while waiting for his friends was a bad idea, as the wind kept ruffling the pages. As he sits up he notices that the girl has sat down behind him. Sensing the awkwardness of the situation, he says a poetic line about the wind, which he feels really embarrassed about, but doesn't let show. She responds with an equally witty phrase. He feels uncomfortable with the atmosphere that's been created and quietly calls the other two on his phone. Yoshitake reaches first, and unexpectedly says a witty line to him, not noticing the girl's presence. Hidenori has had enough by now, and tries to end the farce with a normal line, failing miserably. Tadakuni appears, reads the situation and talks about supermarket discounts, earning a punch from the girl. Hidenori sees a manuscript fall out of her bag and realizes from its content that she was writing a book, in which the situation was almost identical to the current one. He realized that she chose him as the protagonist, but doesn't like his portrayal as an introverted, lonely otaku.

The ending credits for this episode use the lines from the last short.