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"There's no reason to pretend to be cool. Let's show our lame sides. That's who we really are, after all." - Hidenori.

Hidenori Tabata
-異域字幕組--男子高校生的日-00 01 45--20121125-142721-1-


Hidenori Tabata


田畑 ヒデノリ (Tabata Hidenori)






Sanada North Boys High School


Hidenori's Father and Mother Yuusuke Tabata (Older brother)

Anime Debut

Episode 1

Voice Actor

Tomokazu Sugita

Hair Colour


Eye Colour


Hidenori Tabata (田畑 ヒデノリ,Tabata Hidenori) is the glasses-wearing character of the trio. "The trio" referring to Tadakuni and Yoshitake Tanaka. He is also a student of Sanada North Boys High School. He is the one that usually gets the group involved in his hare-brained schemes and crazy simulations. He used to be bullied in the past until he was saved by Rubber Shooter. Hidenori's older brother, Yūsuke Tabata, used to be the ringleader of the group until he went off to college.


Hidenori is a lean adolescent boy, with short, messy, brown hair and grey eyes. He wears large frameless glasses.

As a Sanada North Boys High student, he is most commonly seen wearing his school's standard uniform; a collared white button-up (often depicted untucked when he is not at school) with a striped red and blue tie and dark blue pants and blazer.


Hidenori has a magnetic personality of the group, his character is the one that does most of the talking and provides the most humor.

Hidenori is a self=rightouse maniac. He doesn't just care for himself. He mostly cares about others situations and perspectives than trying to be impressive.

Ending Edit Edit


Yassan/The Literary Girl Edit

Hidenori first met Yassan the Literary Girl, introduced in Episode 1: High School Boys and Literature Girl, on a riverbank. When Yassan approached him, he quickly caught up with the girl's intentions to begin a fantastical love story. However, Hidenori does not discover Yassan's true motivations until he picks up the novel that she wrote that fell out of her bag while she is beating up Tadakuni for not picking up on the ambient atmosphere. The novel depicts a boy and girl meeting on a riverbank, the boy has wind-controlling powers so naturally Yassan is delighted when Hidenori begins the conversation with the remark "The wind is troubled today.". 

Miss Mole Hair Edit

It is also revealed in Episode 3: High School Boys and the Train to School that Hidenori has been regularly riding the same train to school as an unnamed girl with a hair in a mole on her neck. On a voice-over, he says that he has naturally become interested in her. After much deliberation, Hidenori decides to tell the girl that she has a hair in her neck mole. Initially, the girl reacts with humiliation, then humor and finally gratitude.

Boy meets girl

"Let us make haste, lest the wind ceases."

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