The following is the general set of instructions for creating articles in a style considered appropriate for this wiki. Please do adhere to them.

General RulesEdit

  • Content must be grammatically correct. It is immaterial whether the spellings adhere to British or American English.
  • Stub and Featured Article tags must appear at the top of pages, not at the end.
  • When adding image files to the wiki, please choose relevant file names. For example, this image would be named 'Hidenori_arcade.png' rather than 'xhfjwyfjg.png'.
  • Upload images in .png/.PNG format as far as possible.
  • Licensing is extremely important. Please add the appropriate tags to uploaded images, such as the following:

This file is copyrighted. It will be used in a way that qualifies as fair use under US copyright law.

Character pagesEdit

  • Infobox (Check the 'Character infobox' templates for details)
  • Appearance (The character's physical appearance, hair color and shape, eye color and shape and so on. Don't add personal opinions like cute or ugly.)
  • Personality (since the series is so short, this section will be hard to create. For that reason, state examples of the character showing the personality trait before you add it.)
  • History (Includes anything known about the character's backstory prior to the beginning of the manga/anime, don't bother to create this section if nothing is known).
  • Abilities (if any)

Episode pagesEdit

Chapter pagesEdit

  • Infobox (Check the 'Chapter' template for details)
  • One-line intro containing the chapter name and number
  • Cover Page (Describe the cover page in brief)
  • Detailed Summary
  • Characters (To be listed in the order of appearance)
  • Notes (Other details and/or trivia about the chapter, if any)