In order for this wiki to work properly, we have to use a Manual of style as a guide for editing. Since no one has, i will give myself the liberty of creating it. If you have a problem with the way this operates or have a way to improve it in mind, state in the talk page so we can make a better wiki.

Character pagesEdit

Here's a giude for creating character pages:

Basic Info (includes name, school and family relationships with other characters)

Infobox (include name, eye and hair color, school and nickname)

Appearence (The character's physical appearance, hair color and shape, eye color and shape and so on. Don't add personal opinions like cute or ugly.)

Personality (since the series is so short, this section will be hard to create. For that reason, state examples of the character showing the personality trait before you add it.)

Background (Includes anything known about the character's backstory prior to the beginning of the manga/anime, don't bother to create this section if nothing is known.).

Episode pagesEdit

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