Name: Mino (ミノ)
Age: 17-18
Gender: Female
Hair colour: Black
Family: Motoharu (younger brother)
Occupation(s): High school student (third-year)
Affiliation(s): Sanada West High
Other information
Debut: Episode 2 (anime)
Seiyū: Risa Hayamizu

"What do you want for dinner tonight?"

Mino, to Motoharu

Mino  is Motoharu's older sister, who studies a year above him. She attends Sanada West High. Usually, she is seen asking Motoharu what to have for dinner and cooks for her brother since their parents are rarely at home. In the past, she loved to bully Motoharu. Even so, she gets along well with him unlike most of the other sibling pairs in the show.


Mino is short and slim. She has long black hair. 

She wears Sanada West High's standard uniform for girls. It consists of a white, long-sleeved sailor fuku with a blue collar, red neckerchief and blue skirt. Sometimes she also wears a light-purple-colored jacket.


Mino is a cheery individual. She generally engages her younger brother in conversation and takes pride in the fact that the two seem to get along well. However, she is known to spread lies about him to her friends. She also gets jealous of Motoharu's cooking ability. When he was being harassed by her friends, she did not come to his aid. That being said, she didn't take part in humiliating him either.


Motoharu game

When Mino and Motoharu were in junior school, she used to bully him. This mainly occurred during a 'game' they played on the riverbank. In this game, she would pick up Motoharu by the arms and whirl him around repeatedly, laughing in glee. This source of amusement to her was torturous for Motoharu, who now becomes embarrassed when recollecting it.