Mitsuo (ミツオ,Mitsuo)





Rugby team starter


Sanada North Boys High School

Voice Actor

Nobuhiko Okamoto

 Mitsuo (ミツオ, Mitsuo) is a 2nd-year student at Sanada North High. He dreamed of becoming an amateur soccer player, but ended up becoming a rugby starter instead. He is the most bullied among his friends.


He is a kind-hearted young boy. Despite of being bullied all of the time (including being insulted even when he is around at the moment), he has gentle sides proven when he jumped off to the river to save an animal.

Mitsuo often has bad luck. As an example, he kind-heartedly jumped off to the river, intended to save a floating cat in a box, but failed only to find a stuffed cat inside; he has his precious Gunpla destroyed during Kick the Can arc.


  • Back in the elementary, he attempted to enter a whole kiwi into his mouth, the hairs got stuck to his tongue.
  • When Motoharu visited his house, he asked him to turn off the lights and call his phone, intended to show Motoharu the electrical waves flowing through his phone.
  • When he was in middle school, Motoharu planned up a prank to exchange his shoes with Habara's. This plan succeeded, but they both graduated without even realizing it.
  • Parts of Mitsuo's past was mistaken for Yoshitake's own even by Yoshitake himself.