タダクニ (Tadakuni)
Personal information
Role: Main character
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Hair color: Black
Occupation(s): High school student, part timer
Relative(s): Tadakuni's younger sister
Affiliation(s): Sanada North Boys High
Other information
Manga debut: Chapter 1
Anime debut: Episode 1
Japanese seiyū: Miyu Irino

"My name is Tadakuni. I live a normal life, attending a normal school, in a normal town." - Tadakuni

Tadakuni (タダクニ, Tadakuni) is a student at Sanada North Boys High who acts as the straight man of the group. He has a younger sister whom he hardly talks to and who is stronger than him and his friends. He also works part-time at a pizza restaurant. His last name remains unknown.

He appears the least in the whole anime series due to his "ordinary" appearance and personality. And this was told in the intro of Episode 10, where the other boys conclude that he doesn't get much time on the screen because he's too normal and uninteresting.



Tadakuni is a slim teenage boy with relatively short black hair. In the opinion of fans, he is 'the cool one of the trio' (in reference to him hanging out with his two best friends) despite being pretty dorky himself, keep in mind this is in comparison to the extremes of Yoshitake and Hidenori so he's probably not actually that cool.


Tadakuni acts as the straight man of the group. He is usually involved in Hidenori and Yoshitake 's wild ideas despite his disapproval. He is good at telling "ghost" stories. Despite being introduced like a main protagonist, he gets the least roles in the trio and even, at one point, not show up for a full episode. Tadakuni seems to be quite normal and at times not very smart in general knowledge like when they were all playing ping-pong. He likes to sometimes mess around with his sister's underwear with Hidenori and Yoshitake when they are at his house.


Nago-san/Convex Mirror Girl Edit

Tadakuni and Nago are co-workers at Pizza Le. They are possibly a romantic couple. Nago-san may harbor feelings for Tadakuni when she is Convex Mirror Girl.


Tadakuni holding pizza Nago just made.

In Episode 2, High School Boys and Convex Mirror Girl, Tadakuni, Yasunori, and Nago discuss "what do high school girls find attractive about boys?".  She responds with the boy's looks.  Her question to them is "Why do high school guys just randomly start talking about themselves?".  They apologize. Their discussion leads to Nago's apearance which Tadakuni believes she needs to work harder on. 

The Convex Mirror Girl appears in the convex mirror. Which Nago-san reveals when she takes off her glasses.
Convex mirror

Nago removes her glasses and smiles in the mirror

Yasunori says after walking out, "Hey, Tadakuni. Do you think we'll get to meet the girl in the mirror again?"

"Probably not, but I won't give up".  Hinting at romance.

When he was upset that he hadn't been included by his friends in hanging out as much as usual he only talks to Nago about it and asks her for advice thus this shows a degree of trust in her. Nago herself listens to him and advises him telling him to be a man about it. Nago also gets embarrassed and takes off her bandana immediately after he mentions her continuance wearing of it/

The Cute Convex Mirror Girl / Nago-san would later appear near the end of Episode 12, to seemingly confess to Tadakuni before he would go to Tokyo, as a joking reminder of his possible feelings for her cute self.


"I came here because you said you wanted to meet me once again."

Tadakuni interrupts her saying he does not remember her - a straight man crack that interrupts the dream/day dream. Then "this" is all classified as a dream.  It's still important to note Tadakuni's dreams/nightmares.

Yoshitake and Hidenori Edit

His best friends.

Despite the fact that he often doesn't understand some of their roleplays and maintains a sense of reality no matter how into the game the other two are getting neither ever chastises him for ruining the game or for taking the fun out of it.

Despite the fact that they always seem to enjoy his company, Tadakuni feels a great amount of isolation in the trio at certain stages feeling like he's the odd one out or that they might be holding themselves back around him because he's not on their wavelength.

Tadakuni tends not to be able to read the situation or atmosphere as well as they do, getting punched by Literary Girl Yassan when he interrupts them as they make up great serious lines to fulfill her dreamy romantic encounter ambitions (not realizing at this stage that she wants inspiration for her book) yelling that there is a sale for potato chips; however for this reason he also tends to respond to situations more normally and not get bogged down worrying over silly things the way Hidenori does with 'the girl and the mole hair'.

He always shows great courage when he thinks about trying to be better friends with them never giving up despite his paranoid self isolation- although sometimes he mistakes them for another unknown pair while trying to talk to them.

When Yoshitake is in danger of choking he asks in his head for Tadakuni to save him.

Tadakuni may be a realist in a very silly world of anime but he always goes along with the dreamers Yoshitake and Hidenori's antics and games, messing around with them, no matter how scary his sister gets when they play with her underwear.

Tadakuni gets embarrassed when he gets tricked and is the only one to crossdress when Yoshitake steals his sister's skirts, but he turns out to be really good at being a cute girl as the two comfort him to make him feel better about it.

Tadakuni's Sister Edit

They don't have a good relationship and it's said that they talk to each other maybe once a month.

Tadakuni, despite his "normal ness" goes along with pranks involving her underwear.

She tends to listen in on his conversations with Yoshitake and Hidenori and it's because of this that she also gets carried away by his made up stories.

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