The Student Council President



Hair Color



High School Student

Student Council President

First Appearance

Episode 4

Voice Actor

Akira Ishida

eye colour


 The Student Council President (生徒会長, Seito Kaichō), The Student Council President of Sanada North High. He lets the vice-president handle most of the student council tasks. His real name remains unknown. His appearance is based off of Cloud Strife, from Final Fantasy Vll.


He is lean teenage boy with blonde and messy hair.

As Sanada North Boys High student, he wears his school's standard uniform, white shirt with red-blue necktie and dark blue pants and jacket.


Despite his looks and charisma, he is a bit of a moron. He seems to be quite insensitive at times but when Ringo asked him if she was tiny he was quite considerate. He is like a father to the vice president.

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