The 5th volume of the manga contains 14 chapters and 6 extras.

Outer CoverEdit

Yoshitake is seated inside a train. A little distance away, Takahiro’s friend is conversing with Takahiro, who is standing. The flap shows an extension of the train carriage. The overly self-conscious girl is shown leaning against the end of the seat.

Feature SpreadEdit

The spread shows a railway station. Habara and a girl from East High are standing on the platform, while a girl from Central High sits behind them and reads a book. Behind them stands a West High student resembling Takahiro's friend. A label next to each girl contains their respective titles. Habara’s is ‘Archdemon’, the Central High girl’s is ‘Megadeath’ and the East High girl’s is ‘Silver Devil’.

Inner CoverEdit

A still of the Chemistry Club President.


Features the blurb, next to which is a picture of the overly self-conscious girl. She stands with her back to the reader, crossing her hands behind her while pointing her fingers to form two ‘L’ symbols.




  • "High School Girls are Funky - Battle Royale" (Chapter 11)
  • "High School Girls are Funky - Seniors on Bad Terms" (Chapter 12)
  • "High School Girls are Funky - Friends" (Chapter 13)
  • "High School Girls are Funky - Endurance" (Chapter 14)
  • "High School Girls are Funky - Demon" (Chapter 15)
  • "High School Girls are Funky - Continuation to 'On Bad Terms'" 


North High

East High

West High

Central High



  • This volume's feature spread shows the only appearance of Megadeath and Silver Devil in the entire manga.